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bill management

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bill management

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Bill management app

Complete household bill management. Sign up for a free account and join thousands taking control of their bills. It's easy to find and add your information. Just select which companies you use, and click the link to their account login pages. Retrieve your account information, quickly enter it into your account and you're set.

Total bill management for all your household bills

No hassle set up. We link to all your account logins, so you can quickly add your information to your dashboard. Sign up for our free bill management tool and change the way you manage household bills, finances and home admin. Add your providers to your dashboard, and manage your household bills from a single page, saving you time, hassle and money! Find out more.

Get renewal reminders. Sit back and relax

It's hard to keep track of renewal dates of household bills. After expiry, you're likely to pay more by being moved to standard variable rates automatically. No longer. We have revolutionised bill management. Enter your expiry dates for all your household suppliers in your Bills Dashboard account, and receive a renewal reminder by email. Find out more.

Switch providers and save money on household bills

Switch and save on bills. We've partnered with a wide range of accredited, whole of market price comparison services, such as and MoneySupermarket to save you money. Find a deal you like, switch and save! You could save up to £1,000 across all your bills. Find out more.

Keep notes on your providers

Sometimes you have to contact customer services. They keep notes about you on their system. Why not keep notes on them? When you make a note, it is automatically date-stamped in Bills Dashboard, so you know what you said, to who, and when. Take back control. Find out more.

Upload documents securely

Remember the PPI scandal when no-one could find any paperwork - not even the banks? No longer. Upload your important documents and store them securely online in your Bills Dashboard account. Bills Dashboard employs 256-bit file encryption on secure servers to keep your data safe. Find out more.

Switched provider? Archive it

Old paperwork. Can you remember where any of it is? If you switch, or stop using a provider in your account, use the Archive feature to store old accounts. Useful for issues such as when banks are at fault (PPI), following up on complaints or account closures, or when moving home. Complete bill management. Find out more.

What household bills can I manage in Bills Dashboard?

Household bill management in a single dashboard

Breakdown • Broadband • Car Insurance • Car Tax • Council Tax • Credit Card • Dual Fuel • Electricity • Gas • Guarantees/Warranties • Gym • Home Insurance • Loan • Mobile Phone • Mortgage • MOT • Passport • Pet Insurance • Rent • Television • TV Licence • Water

Bill management sorted. The smart way to manage household bills