About Bills Dashboard

Bills Dashboard was established by a small team in the East Midlands, in 2017.

Bills Dashboard was established to help people get control over their household finances. There is a multitude of bills to manage as part of a normal family household - car insurance, MOT, car tax, home insurance, mortgage or rent, pet insurance, council tax, credit cards, loans, mobile phone contracts and energy tariffs. No wonder that most people just avoid dealing with it all.

So we set out to create a platform that would help most people to

  • see everything in one place, including renewal dates and account numbers
  • get reminders BEFORE their renewal date so they could take action
  • get better deals for their household bills and finances.
  • share their account with family members
  • upload policy documents securely
  • archive old agreements

We use Bills Dashboard for managing our household bills, and our friends and families do too.

Our ambition is for people to use Bills Dashboard in a sincere wish that they can manage their finances more efficiently. For some companies, customer service isn't what it was. Automatic renewals should be banned. Charging existing customers more than new customers should also be stopped. Hiding customer service telephone numbers on self-service support pages should also be consigned to history. Automated voice telephone lines are also barely tolerated. It's hard to believe its called 'customer service' since these things do NOT help the customer.

Everyone has had less than optimal experiences with customer services and utility companies. The most frustrating aspect is that some vulnerable people, most often those that are less well-off or elderly, are the least capable of dealing with this themselves against large corporate companies. Bills Dashboard is free -and it always will be. We hope people find it useful.

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