New Ofcom rules will protect broadband customers


New Ofcom rules have been announced that will give more protection to broadband customers. When searching for a new broadband provider, providers must tell consumers how fast their new broadband service will be. Suppliers must inform customers before they sign a contract.

They must give both minimum and peak-time speed, before a customer agrees to sign up to a deal.

The Code of Practice from Ofcom aims to provide a fairer service for consumers. Suppliers often withhold information from customers, such as contract renewal dates and other account information.

The new rules apply to new broadband contracts taken out after 1st March 2019.

As well as giving information about minimum and peaktime speeds, broadband companies must improve speeds if they fall before a certain level.

If it falls below the advertised level, suppliers have one month to provide the promised speed. If the speed it still not reached, customers are able to exit their contract, penalty free.

Right to exit penalty free

The right to exit penalty free also applies to landline and TV packages purchased at the same time as broadband. This is a nod to TalkTalk, who recently increased their TV package prices by £4 without customers’ consent. Previously, broadband providers could not increase broadband prices mid-contract. It did not apply to TV services. Until this week, that is.

The new code of practice applies to any new contract taken out after 1st March. This includes switches away from your existing broadband company, and any new deals taken with the same broadband company.

Most of the major broadband providers have signed up to the new code, BT, Virgin Media, Plusnet, EE, Sky and TalkTalk.

The new code applies to all types of broadband services, including copper, fibre and cable.

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