Dealing with car insurance renewal issues – your stories

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Everyone has problems with household admin and utilities, but some car insurance company procedures defy logic. One particular bugbear is the admin fee to change a vehicle or change an address – on top of the change to the premium. Here are some real life examples of consumers’ problems with car insurance companies.

“My insurance sent me a renewal quote adding £100+ which is more than a third increase. I’m noticing a pattern these days of small or no increase for the second year, to “get your trust” then a sudden big increase. Highly manipulative. “

“I used to park my car on a side road whilst I was work. Last year whilst I was at work, a police car hit my car. Don’t ask me how they managed to hit my stationary car. But they did. I then went to renew my insurance a few months later and I then have to pay a £120 extra because of this? How does that work? Rip off!!”

“I moved house recently to one with a garage. Changed my address on my car insurance and they charged me a £30 ‘admin fee’ for typing my new address into a database. Lovely. They also added a bit on my premium. Would have cost more to switch. And they know it.”

“Axa sent my car insurance renewal quote via the post, £389. I logged on to their website to get a quote – £327.”

“My elderly dad’s car insurance quote went from £569 last year to £720 this year. When I called on his behalf to complain and ask why, Churchill were suddenly able to offer £576. An increase of only £7. That’s what happens when you threaten to leave.”

“AA recently charged me £25 to change my vehicle. This was a first for them but when it comes to renewal I ‘m going to tell them I won’t go with a company that has these charges. Its daylight robbery. Pure greed £25 for 10 mins work. I wonder if thats added into renewal cost as well.”

Had to change a policy three times last year, £25 every time to change a single tiny detail on a computer screen whilst you are talking to them. It’s not like they even print the thing out and post it anymore!”

“What annoys me the most is that you are not rewarded for loyality. It should be that your rates go down the longer you stay with a company, instead they increase it every year but offer new clients a discount. This effectively means you have to shop around every year changing companies to get the best deal unless you are happy being ripped off.”

“I recently had to change my car with just 7 weeks left on my policy with Esure….I was still charged around £25 for the “privilege”……a nice little earner for the company.”

“I recently moved house and was slapped with a £25 charge from LV whereas my wife’s car insurance went cheaper, plus no cost to change details, from the Fabulous Tesco insurance. Its goodbye LV this year from me!”

“Just had my Admiral quote through on a two car policy, it’s gone up £80 that’s with no claims and maximum NCB. I can split the two cars between two other companies, and reduce the cost by half!”

“My car insurance provider charged £25 administration to change my address on my policy when I moved last year but when my renewal arrived it still showed my old address! I asked for a refund of the administration charge as they hadn’t administered the change but heard nothing back! I changed to a cheaper insurer.”

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