How to save money on your car insurance

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The annual ritual of renewing car insurance isn’t fun. However, it’s a slightly less onerous experience if you know how to save a little extra. You can save more by organising your car insurance four weeks in advance. Here’s how it works. Or at least, how it worked for me!

An example is through Aviva. On the 5th September, I filled out an online form for car insurance to start on 5th September. e.g. to start the SAME DAY. Then I went through the whole form process again on the 5th September, and the only difference was that I wanted the cover to start on 4th October 2017 – a full four weeks in the future.

The difference in the quotes? The first annual premium quote to start on the 5th September was £391. The annual premium for cover to start on 4th October ? £301. A whole £90 cheaper. Or 23%.

The quote was valid for 60 days so to secure the deal I would just cite the reference number closer to the time, and my insurance is sorted. A lot cheaper than doing it on the same day or close to renewal day.

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I thought I’d double check by visiting, and repeated the exercise. The first quote to start on the day (5th Sep) was £448. The second quote for the policy to start on 4th October was £294.

So, the moral of the story, in order to save on your car insurance, do it exactly FOUR WEEKS in advance. I’ve seen articles that say you can save up to 10%, but it is possible to save 30%.

If you have a Bills Dashboard account, and you enter your car insurance details, we send you a reminder four weeks in advance of your car insurance expiry date, so you can make the same sort of savings.

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