Is the insurance auto-renewal process broken?

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Insurance auto-renewals is just one part of managing household bills. Managing household bills is stressful. It’s a hassle. On top of this, you have the agony of listening to constant messages for five minutes before speaking to a human being. If you’re a Talk Talk customer, you’ll be put through to a call centre in Indonesia. If you’re a customer of O2, you may be put through to someone in South Africa or Colombia. Some of these call centre employees have patchy English. Immensely frustrating and stressful.

It’s almost as if these customers have done their utmost to avoid dealing with customers. They hide their telephone numbers on their website, and push you to self-help pages before finally giving you a telephone number. They auto-renew your insurance without actually contacting you. You, the customer, pay them money, and you have the honour of having to spend 30 minutes of your time arranging to sort it out yourself.

The insurance auto-renewal is the most hated aspect of managing household bills. Typically, customers receive a letter in the post from their existing insurer. You haven’t had an accident. You haven’t changed your car or your address. Yet your auto-renewal is HIGHER than it was last year. It is a constant source of frustration for people. In the words of one Twitter user, “UK car insurance is broken.”

The only way to avoid this merry go round is to switch every year for your car insurance and home insurance. Avoid the stress and avoid the bemusement.

UK car insurance is broken

Don’t take our word for it. Many people take to Twitter to vent their frustration and anger:

“Renewal quote – £923. Go on a comparison site and find better cover for £400.”

“Really disappointed with DirectLine insurance renewal coming in at £807, up from £560 last year. Hastings Direct offering the same cover for £345! No deals offered when I called up to cancel my automatic renewal either.”

“Received my car insurance renewal from DirectLine. Thank you for being a customer for the past 9 years – oh and by the way we are putting your premium up by 10%. Time to change providers I think..”

“RAC. Today you lost me as a customer for car insurance due to your heavily inflated renewal quote. Double the cost I’ve found from many other reputable insurers. Your renewal quote was over £500, since found quotes: same cover, full no claims discount, excess etc for under £200.”

“Car insurance last year: £1,050. Car insurance renewal: £1,220. Me: WTF. *Quick compare check*. Cheapest quote (from SAME PROVIDER): £850. Me: WTF. *rings current provider*. Me: WTF. Please explain. Them: Oh sorry we can beat that…. *waits 1 min*…. Them: How does £705 sound?”

“Car insurance renewal letter through: £1,102. ComparetheMarket quote: £540. They’re both quotes from the same bloody company. Called, cancelled auto renewal, bought new policy online with same provider. Car insurance in the UK is so broken.”

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