SSE increases prices for variable tariffs

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Five of the largest UK energy suppliers have already announced price hikes of around 10%. SSE has now become the latest of the big six to announce a price rise in April. Approximately 2 million SSE customers will see a price increase on their standard variable tariff – with an average customer paying an extra £117 per year, bringing the total bill for the year to £1,254.

SSE confirmed the price increases this week, and blamed the increase on the rise in energy wholesale costs. There are a whopping 11 million households sitting on a standard variable rate.

If all these households fixed their energy tariff, they would pay a combined £4bn less.

We urge all households on a standard variable rate to switch to the cheapest fixed rate tariff they can find, and furthermore, to have a smart meter installed.

By doing both, households can truly have a transparent way of checking their energy costs.

We would also advise against switching to a new, smaller firm as many have gone bust in the last year. Some of the smaller energy firms have also had many complaints about poor customer service.

Is it time to switch your energy supplier?

Consumers who are annoyed at paying continually rising prices should consider switching or fixing their tariff – as well as getting a smart meter installed. UK households are facing continued price rises in their household bills, so an additional 10% on energy bills may push some households to the brink.

The largest six energy suppliers have now brought their standard variable rate prices right up to the level of the new price cap.

90% of all fixed tariff deals currently availabel on the market are CHEAPER than the new energy price cap level. Find a new cheaper energy deal now.

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