Adults carry out 109 household admin tasks per year

Household bills

According to a study covered by The Independent in January 2018, household admin tasks like sorting out insurance, checking bank accounts and paying credit cards are taking up a lot of our time. More than half of people fail to complete tasks by the required date and cannot keep up with household paperwork.

Additionally it emerged the average adult has four important tasks currently in the pipeline which they urgently needed to clear – but can’t find the time to do.

The study also found seven in 10 Brits consider themselves to be organised, yet it also emerged many urgent life admin tasks are still left uncompleted.

Another one in two workers have even sacrificed time at work to chip away at their life admin. This amount of time spent doing paperwork is also eating into the aspirations of Brits looking to make improvements to their lives, according to the study.

Almost three in five have made it their goal to better their organisational skills in the near future so they can make room for self-improvement.

According to the survey, the top 20 life admin tasks include paying a utility bill, paying council tax, booking and remembering a doctors appointment, changing insurance company, researching a new phone and managing mortgage.

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