Bills Dashboard announces the launch of its free account

household bills

Bills Dashboard is pleased to announce the launch of its free account. The free account gives consumers free access to Bills Dashboard features for a number of main household bill categories, including car insurance, breakdown, energy, broadband, credit cards, home insurance, mobile phone, mortgages, pet insurance, MOT, loans and television.

Users can now manage their household bills free of charge – and get access to great deals in all of the above categories, enabling them to save hundreds on their household spending.

Bills Dashboard has partnered with a number of companies providing whole of market comparison, which means users are able to find great new deals and save money when they switch. What’s more, they will get free email alerts reminding them that they must take action before renewal date.

Bills Dashboard is a leading household bills platform. Our users can see all their household agreements in one place, giving them complete control over their finances.

“Bills Dashboard is my go-to for my household bills. I love that everything is in one place. Love the fact that it takes me directly to websites so I don’t have to waste time looking things up.”

There are three pricing plans: Basic (free forever), Premium (£2.99/month) and Premium Plus (£3.99/month). The Premium Plan gives full access to all categories, account sharing, and additional features such as Notes and File Uploads. Premium Plus Plan is for up to 3 households under a single account (for those with second homes and lets).

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