Households need an extra £240 a year for the same household bills

Household bills

UK households are facing an extra £240 on average, for the same household bills and services. As of yesterday, bills are going up and you will have to find more money to pay for it. Water bills, energy bills, council tax, the TV licence and mobile phones are among the bills going up.

Looking at them one by one, they don’t look like much of an increase. But when you add them all together – and virtually all households do – the increase stacks up. You won’t be able to avoid some of the price rises. For example, if you watch television, it is currently a legal requirement to pay the television licence.

However, there are things you can do right now to mitigate the price increases and keep your household bill costs down. For example, did you know half of ALL households are on a variable energy tariff. This is the same as paying a variable rate for your mortgage.

Most people do not pay variable rates for their mortgage, so why would you pay variable rates for your energy? Move to a fixed tariff – and preferably one with a smart meter – so you can get the cheapest rates.

Check your broadband contract. If you are out of contract, then you can get faster broadband for cheaper than what you are currently paying. Yes you may have to change your router, but that takes five minutes. You can check your council tax band to see if you have been correctly assigned. It could save you money.

Lastly, sign up for a free account with Bills Dashboard and start taking control of your finances. You can see all your household bills in one place, manage your suppliers, switch provider, make notes and upload files for safekeeping. Join thousands and start saving!

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