How can I manage my bills better?

manage my bills

“How can I manage my bills better?”

We hear you. Managing bills is a hassle. Most people avoid the task. And let’s face it, household bills isn’t a very exciting subject. But what if you could have £1,000 in your pocket from just managing your bills better? That’s a holiday. Or a deposit for a car. Or even a new wardrobe of clothes.

It just takes a little admin. All you have to do is know what you’re paying for. You have to understand what you’re paying, to who and when. What type of contract do you have? Do you have a fixed rate or a variable rate? Are you out of contract on your broadband? Have you gone past your 0% balance transfer period on your credit card?

These are just a few of the things you need to know to understand where you are at with your household bills. The main one though, is your renewal dates. You have to understand when your agreements expire. And then, rather than letting things automatically renew, like home insurance or car insurance, you must find a better deal – each year.

Bills Dashboard

That’s why we built Bills Dashboard. It’s a single dashboard (did we mention it’s free?) for all your bills and household admin. You can add virtually all of your household bills and agreements to Bills Dashboard, even council tax, water, the gym and any warranties you have.

You can manage your bills better by being organised. Stop looking at your bills like a hassle – and start treating them like a test. A test to see if you can get them cheaper. Look at your budget on a monthly basis and ask yourself “where can I cut back on these costs?”.

Ultimately, we all have to pay for energy, water, car insurance and council tax, but you don’t have to pay over the odds due to apathy. In any case, Bills Dashboard takes care of most of the organisation for you. We send you reminders when your agreements are due for renewal, you can make notes on your suppliers, you can store policy documents in your Bills Dashboard account securely and much more.

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