Make important notes on your household bills with Bills Dashboard

household bills

Household admin is a pain. How do you find dealing with customer services of your suppliers? You try to find their telephone number on their website, which more often than not is hidden at the back end of their ‘Help’ pages. You call them and then you’re asked to enter your account number into your keypad. After 15 minutes someone answers, and then asks for your account number.

“I just typed it into the keypad”, you say, with a blood vessel about to burst. Then you deal with your issue as calmly as you possibly can. You jot down a few notes on the back of a letter, an envelope or a pad. Then you forget about it for a while.

Then you need to call them back and follow up the issue. Can you remember what you said to them, or where that note it? Nope. Millions of us do it. Your large suppliers all have large CRM systems in place with lots of data about you.

They even record your calls. So why haven’t we got a system on them?

In your Bills Dashboard account, you can make date-stamped notes about your suppliers, so you have a permanent record of what was said to who and when. You can add any notes you like, about complaints, reference numbers, meter reads or any other comments. It can be very useful as proof of a conversation in complaints or switching account scenarios.

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