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Your household bills are increasing on 1st April 2019. Find out how to save money on your bills.

From April 1st 2019, UK households will experience a rise in their household bills. Council tax bills are going up. If you haven’t already received your bill then expect a 4-5% increase in the council tax demand compared to last year.

Energy bills are increasing, as energy suppliers continue to increase their standard variable rate to match the energy cap imposed by Ofgem. Their rationale for increasing prices is that wholesale energy prices are increasing. Half of all UK households are on some form of variable energy tariff, meaning they will be subject to these price rises. If you have a fixed tariff, you will be immune to the price rises. The TV Licence is set to increase in April by £4 to £154.50.

NHS prescription charges are also increasing by 20 pence from £8.80 to £9 for each medicine or appliance dispensed. Water bills are to increase by 2%, increasing the average bill by around £8 per year. If you have a high polluting older vehicle, vehicle excise duty is also going up by as much as £65 for some vehicles.

Get control of your household bills

The way to save money on your bills is to take control of them. Get a Bills Dashboard free account and get yourself a dashboard of all your bills. Enter your bill details, add your renewal dates and get sent automatic reminders to take action. If you don’t take action or miss a date, you may end up paying more.

If you are on a variable tariff for energy, get a fixed tariff. This is will save you up to £200 per year. Find a new energy deal here.

For car insurance and home insurance, switch every year. Auto-renewing is hassle-free, but you will pay the price. Switch every year to keep your costs down. Loyalty does NOT pay.

If you have credit card debt and you are paying the minimum amount, stop. Get a 0% balance transfer fee card, and set up a direct debit to pay off the debt at an affordable amount each month. When the date ends, switch to a new 0% balance transfer card.

Check when your broadband contract ends. If it has already passed, then you could get faster broadband for less money per month. The cheapest fibre unlimited broadband deals are now around £25 per month.

There are ways to save money for many households. The key is to be organised and know when your renewal dates are. Get a Bills Dashboard account and start taking control.

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