What does the Dashboard look like?

adminbox dashboard

This is a Dummy Account, showing what a typical Dashboard might look like. The Dashboard is built by adding service providers. The Dashboard gives you a single view of your household admin, and agreements. Each of these has more details, which display the detail you enter when you add a service provider. The image further below shows the view of the Breakdown agreement details.

Dashboard view of bills

Below is an example of a single provider view. This dummy account shows a partial view of the Breakdown category. The agreement is with the AA, with links to their website, and their customer services telephone number.

Note. When completing forms, the only mandatory field we ask for is renewal date. Everything else is optional. 

Below is the remainder of the view/edit Provider page for Breakdown, where you can see that you can enter the type of Breakdown cover you have. You can also make notes on this Provider, and you can upload policy documents or other important terms and conditions for safe-keeping. This is an example for Breakdown Cover, but each category will have different details on them.

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