How secure is Bills Dashboard?

We employ bank-grade security (256-bit encryption) to keep your data secure on Bills Dashboard.

Your data and file uploads are encrypted both in transit (at the time that you upload it) and at rest (while its on our servers).

We employ strong SSL encryption while data is being transferred – look for the padlock in the browser. We employ Microsoft Azure encryption tools.

We ask you to use strong passwords. This is a fundamental part of a secure website. Passwords are fully encrypted.

How easy is it to add my information?

Super easy. We've made it quick and easy to add your details. When you select your provider, the account login webpage for that provider appears - so you can login via a new window and obtain your details. Typically you'll only need to find basic details like your renewal date and account / policy number. For categories like MOT and Car Tax, we have provided links within forms so you can quickly find your renewal dates. Your login details remain private to you. We do not ask for credentials and login on your behalf - a practice which has been banned under PSD2 within Financial Services.

Depending on the category and provider, you add various details (however much you feel comfortable with, however quickly you wish). Typical details will be agreement start dates, expiry dates, spend per month, agreement / policy numbers. Our advice is to have bills and documents to hand, or to obtain your information from online accounts (which makes life easier).

Some fields are required (such as Expiry Date, for example) - but it’s entirely your decision whether to fill out other fields. Required fields mean that you get the maximum savings benefit from using Bills Dashboard. This is fundamental to making sure you are in control, mainly, and don’t lose any money.

Using the dates you enter, we alert you to agreement expiry dates so you won’t be overcharged, be moved to a different rate, or can take action to secure a cheaper deal.

How does Bills Dashboard work?

Bills Dashboard helps you manage your household bills and admin in a single account. You build your own dashboard by adding your service providers. Add relevant categories, such as broadband, gas & electricity, mobile phone, credit card, personal loan, council tax and others.

It doesn't take long to set up your Dashboard. We estimate a few minutes to enter your energy details for example - and that's including finding your energy bill, and entering the data. If you want to set up each category first, and then add the detail later, you can.

Steps to create your Bills Dashboard Account:

1) Sign up and click the link in the verification email.

2) Create a household first and give it a nickname (e.g. MyHouse, or 21 Acacia).

3) Once you have created a household, you can start adding your service providers.

4) Add details for each category you decide to add, including expiry date so you get reminders.

5) Your Dashboard provides you with a single view of all your providers.

6) If you like the service, tell your friends and family!

Why should I use Bills Dashboard?

Don’t pay more than you need to. If you miss a date or leave agreements to auto-renew, you will pay more. Add your important expiry dates and take control of your budget.

Everything is in one place. Share your account with a loved one or family member.

You can upload important documents (e.g. PDFs) such as no-claims bonus, loan agreements, terms and conditions, insurance policy documents to your Bills Dashboard account. No-one wants to be without important paperwork (remember PPI?).

Add your meter reads in the notes section.

Keep notes of conversations that you have had with customer services – important when it comes to complaints or having the right reference number to hand.

Add your important dates and events in the calendar section, such as anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, payment dates, hospital appointments, weddings and other important dates to be reminded about.

See new offers and deals. We provide links the best sources to search for new deals on energy, credit cards, loans, mobile phones and more.

If you switch service provider, don’t delete the account. Simply archive it on Bills Dashboard, so you can still have reference to it later. Important in the case of complaints or accessing information during account closure procedures.

What is the Dashboard?

It’s where all the magic happens.

Once you’ve added your agreements, everything is shown in one place on your Dashboard.

The Dashboard is a single view of your household bills and admin. Click on each Provider name to add or edit details.

You can have multiple entries within a category. For example, you can add three credit cards, or two car insurance agreements. They can be expanded via the + buttons to the left of the Category name.

What is the Notes section?

How many times have you scribbled an important note on a letter or statement, or a bit of paper and then lost it? Or you can’t remember where you put it?

Contacting customer services, apart from being a hassle, can be time consuming and stressful.  They keep notes on their system about you. Why not keep notes on them?

Make notes during or after customer services telephone calls.  Notes are saved and date-stamped so you know what you said to who and when.

Add other comments about your agreements, such as meter-reads, new offers, complaints, notes about switching, or to share notes with others who have access to the account.

What is the File Upload section?

As part of your account you have a file storage area. This is limited to 1GB.

Use this to upload and securely store documents (which are automatically encrypted) in your account, such as no-claims documents, quotes, receipts, policy documents, insurance certificates, correspondence or statements.

What if you don't have my supplier / provider?

Bills Dashboard covers a lot of suppliers. Our database contains over 1,000 service providers, each with their customer services telephone number, account login URLs and opening hours.

However, if you have an agreement with a supplier that isn't on our database, then simply select 'Other" and manually enter the name of the supplier you use. This will trigger an alert for our team - who will then add the necessary details to our database. That supplier will then be available to be selected by other users in the Bills Dashboard platform.

Can I share my Bills Dashboard account?

Yes! This is an important feature of the Bills Dashboard account.

Under Household(s) in the Menu, enter the email address that you’d like to share the household data with and press ‘Share’.

The user must register as a new user and sign up.

They will then have their own login credentials for that household. They will be able to add and edit data on the shared household account.

Is there an App?

The App is coming soon !

How much does Bills Dashboard cost?

Bills Dashboard is free! We help our users save money across a wide range of services and providers. We make a small commission by referring our users to third-party providers.

Is Bills Dashboard GDPR compliant?

Yes. You can find out more in our Privacy Policy (link).

You are in complete control of your data, which is stored on Microsoft Azure servers, and fully encrypted. You can delete your data and cancel your subscription at any time. This deletes all your data and your account.

How many categories are there?

We have the main household categories covered. We aim to add further categories over time, such as pensions, savings, insurance and other lifestyle categories. With Bills Dashboard you can add multiple providers under the same category. For example, you might have more than one car insurance policy in your household, or if you watch both Sky and Netflix you can add these.

We list several categories, such as broadband, gas & electricity, mobile phone, credit card, personal loan, home insurance, water, car insurance, council tax, etc.

We also have other useful categories, such as passport, MOT and car tax.

Subscribers can suggest new categories and we will decide which ones to incorporate into the platform.

  • Breakdown
  • Broadband
  • Car Insurance
  • Car Tax
  • Council Tax
  • Credit Card
  • Dual Fuel
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Home Insurance
  • Loan
  • Mobile Phone
  • Mortgage
  • MOT
  • Passport
  • Pet Insurance
  • Rent
  • Television
  • TV Licence
  • Water
Do I have to fill in my providers’ contact details?

No. Just click a company from a drop down selection.

We’ve got their contact details, so you don’t need to fill that bit in - we've done that for you. We have a database of over 1,100 commercial suppliers (we are adding more all the time).

We’ve noticed that many providers hide their customer services telephone numbers on their website – so we’ve found them for you to save you the trouble.

They are the same numbers as on their website. We give you a telephone number, opening hours and also a website link if you need to double check the details for yourself. If any details are wrong, let us know (link), and we'll quickly put it right.

Can I switch providers using Bills Dashboard?

We recommend that you switch providers if you want to secure the best deal and save money.  We don't switch for you.

Bills Dashboard signposts you to other comparison sites that do a good job of searching the market for the best and cheapest deals. These companies do a very good job of providing a broad search of the market. For some categories, we suggest links for you - these can be accessed direct from the Dashboard and via your Provider pages.

We recommend that you don’t limit your search to one comparison site. Use several comparison sites to get the best deals.

We also recommend that you also do a search with companies that are not listed on comparison engines, such as Aviva and DirectLine.

Why do I need an alert to remind me?

We’re all very busy. Life is a rush, and not everyone can remember all their details about all their agreements.

Some of your service providers are well, not helpful.

They won’t give you an alert to remind you when your credit card 0% rate expires, when the discounted rate runs out for your television agreement, or when your mortgage rate moves from discount to variable.

And because they don’t remind you (why would they?), you will revert to a more expensive rate and without knowing it pay more. The first you’ll notice it is when checking your bank statements.

Bills Dashboard sends you a reminder before a renewal date – typically four weeks for most categories, two weeks for MOT and Car Tax and longer in the case of mortgages and other categories.

A great benefit of reminders is that you can save too! If you organise your car insurance four weeks in advance (rather than the standard two weeks) you can secure a much cheaper deal - up to 30% less.

What is the Calendar for?

An additional helpful tool.

In addition to storing the renewal dates for your supplier agreements, the Calendar enables you to add important dates from your life, such as birthdays, anniversaries, hospital appointments, dates, weddings, holidays, interviews or other important events. You could also use the Calender for when things must be paid - or for when your Direct Debits go out.

You will be sent reminders by email.

For example, if you share the account with others, you could set up a reminder to be sent to them about an important event.

What is the Archive for?

When you switch providers, the previous provider details can be moved to your Archive.

Lets say you switch dual fuel from E.ON to Green Star Energy, you would move E.ON to the Archive and create a new dual fuel category and select Green Star Energy and fill out details.

Green Star Energy would now show on your Dashboard and E.ON would be shown in your Archive.

You can refer back to this for issues such as complaints, refunds, account closure payments and other issues. We recommend you keep your old agreements archived for at least six years - if not longer. Remember PPI?

What other features are there?

There are other little features and categories.

For example, there is an Address Book for friends and family so you can keep up to date with addresses.

There is a Previous Addresses section within your Account. Useful for those times (mainly credit applications) when an organisation asks you for several years of address history.

Can I see when payments are due?

If you use the Bills Dashboard Calendar to mark when a payment is due, you can receive alerts to make payments. You can set up a monthly alert, to repeat each month, on the same day each month to make a payment. For example, you could set up a 'Pay Rent Reminder' to send you an alert on the 10th of each month. This way you will never forget to make that important payment.

What does Activity show in My Account?

The Activity tab shows exactly that: the activity on your account.

If you’ve shared access to your account, then it shows who has done what and when.

Your partner might have made a Note, or uploaded a file – and that activity is recorded here.

How do I cancel my subscription or delete my account?

Go to My Account, click the Remove Account tab, then click the yellow button that says ‘Unsubscribe & Delete Account”.

Please note that by unsubscribing and deleting your account all of your personal data and account data will be deleted immediately. 

You will be asked again if you are sure that you want to delete your account. It cannot be restored once it has been deleted.