Find cheaper deals and save money

Get organised and find cheaper deals

Bills Dashboard gives you direct access to the best and cheapest deals right from the dashboard, meaning that you have a quick and easy way to find cheaper quotes, for all categories - car insurance, home insurance, energy, mortgages, credit cards and more.

The 'Find Deal' on the dashboard takes you directly to qualified and vetted price comparison sites.

Bills Dashboard has partnered with leading brand names and comparison engines, so users can find their favourite brands or simply obtain the cheapest quote. We partner with an Ofgem accredited energy comparison site for our energy quotes, for example.

The quickest and easiest way to save money is to switch your providers and get cheap deals. Job done, right?

Well not quite. If you switch to a new provider who gives you a great introductory discounted rate, then at some point that deal will end. And when that deal ends, your provider will transfer you onto an expensive variable rate.

And most providers do not have to tell you when it runs out. Some providers remind you, some don't. Energy companies have to send you a tariff expiry notice six weeks prior to your end date. But providers in other areas do not have to do so.

A Bills Dashboard user told us of their experience with an unnamed broadband provider. They upgraded from basic fibre to fast fibre and asked, several weeks after signing up, when their contract ended.

That date was not sent out in the welcome email, nor was it in their account. It was left to the customer to work out when that renewal date was (it was an eighteen month contract).

Organisation is key

The point is that to save money on your bills, you need to get organised. For example, rather than wait until the renewal date of your car insurance - get your quote three weeks before the renewal date. MSE analysed data from millions of car insurance quotes and found that the time to get the cheapest quote is three weeks before renewal date.

If you sign up for a free account with Bills Dashboard, you get free renewal reminders weeks in advance - for all categories, so you can save money.

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