Free MOT reminder

Never forget your MOT due date again! Sign up to our free MOT reminder service for a timely MOT reminder 4 weeks before your next MOT is due.

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Free MOT reminder instructions

Add your household – then add MOT to your Dashboard. When you sign up, you’ll be able to find a link to a Government website that tells you when your MOT is due. Then add that date to your dashboard, and get a free MOT reminder by email 4 weeks before.

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Watch the quick video above to see how.

  • Sign up (it’s free)
  • Add a household
  • Select the category MOT
  • Select ‘DVLA / MOT‘, and then click the link that appears – to enter your vehicle registration.

Then add that MOT date in Bills Dashboard and then forget about it! We will email you 4 weeks before it’s due.

MOT reminder

Why do I need a free MOT reminder?

Do you know when your MOT due date is? Each year, a significant proportion of motorists forget their car’s MOT, risking safety, fines and penalty points. Drivers shouldn’t rely on the MOT centre for reminders as to when the next test is due as they are under no obligation to communicate this. It is the obligation of the driver to remember when their MOT test is due.

The Ministry of Transport test, otherwise known as the MOT test, is a comprehensive inspection of a vehicle to make sure it is roadworthy. This includes checking that the vehicle meets the minimum road safety and environmental standards. Your vehicle must pass the MOT test in order to be legally driven on the road. You must take your vehicle to an authorised test centre.

What happens if I’m caught driving without an MOT?

If you’re stopped by the police and asked for a copy of your valid MOT, not being able to show one can have serious consequences. While you may be let off with a warning, you could come away with a hefty fine – the penalty for no MOT can be up to £1,000.

And if your vehicle is ‘unroadworthy’, things could get a lot worse. You will be fined up to £2,500 if your vehicle is in a dangerous condition. You will receive 3 points on your driving licence for each fault. If you’ve already got existing points on your licence, one or two damaged tyres and a broken light could lead to a driving ban of up to two years.

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