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There are many important household and billing dates to remember. MOT renewal, car insurance renewal, home insurance renewal, broadband renewal, introductory rates on your credit card, end dates of warranties and guarantees, passport expiry dates, fixed rate mortgages and energy tariffs. Do you know when all these dates are off the top of your head?

If you miss any one of these dates, it can be expensive. Companies in some areas must tell customers when rates expire. For example, energy suppliers must send notifications out six weeks prior to an expiry date. However, broadband and mobile phone companies are not.

You won't get a reminder for the date that your 0% credit card balance transfer period ends.

Most car insurance companies send renewal reminders out in the post around three weeks prior, but then it takes another few days to get to you. The best time to arrange a car insurance renewal is before three weeks prior.

Most people forget to do it and arrange it closer to the date. Some people even let the insurance auto-renew, and will end up paying much more for their insurance by not sorting it out.

Many people think it is a hassle to manage all of these things. And we agree with you. It is difficult, boring and a complete hassle. So that's why we've done the organising for you. All you have to do is create an account, and enter your details for each of the items above.

And we've made it hassle free. For each of your suppliers, we display the website when you are entering your details, so you can login to your account in a new tab, and quickly enter the data that you need, such as account numbers and renewal dates.

Bills Dashboard has different alert notice periods. The renewal alert for car insurance, for example, gets sent four weeks prior to the renewal date. For mortgages, we send you a renewal alert twelve weeks prior; for energy tariff renewal alerts, we send an alert out six weeks prior and for MOT, its four weeks.

Breakdown - 4 weeks before
Broadband - 4 weeks before
Car Insurance - 4 weeks before
Car Tax - 2 weeks before
Council Tax - 4 weeks before
Credit Card Rate - 4 weeks before
Dual Fuel / Gas / Electricity - 6 weeks before
Guarantees - 4 weeks before
Home Insurance - 4 weeks before
Loan - 4 weeks before
Mobile Phone Contract - 4 weeks before
Mortgage - 12 weeks before
MOT - 4 weeks before
Passport - 12 weeks before
Pet Insurance - 4 weeks before
Rent - 4 weeks before
Television Subscription - 4 weeks before
TV Licence - 4 weeks before

Bills Dashboard. Now there's no excuse for missing a renewal date for any of your household bills.

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