Household bills. Keep notes on your providers

They keep notes on you. Why not keep notes on them?

Bills Dashboard notes


Nearly all suppliers have sophisticated contact management systems. Most companies record your phone calls to customer services – for ‘training and quality purposes’ . They know when you called, how long you waited, who you spoke to, what you ordered, what you complained about and how long you were on the phone for.

Most people don’t bother to take notes about their phone calls. Some people make notes on the back of envelopes, or on the back of the bill they’ve just opened. But then those notes get lost, are difficult to find or are just binned. You might ask for an important reference number, an account number or jot down an expiry date whilst speaking to customer services. And you wrote it down, didn’t you – but where is it?

Take control of household bills

We want to empower our users to take control of their household bills, so Bills Dashboard has a neat date-stamped notes feature. Whilst you are on the phone chatting to customer services, you can type quick notes into your account, save it and record it forever. You can add your meter reads in here; your credit card balance; or simply a complaint you’ve made to your supplier. It’s a very useful feature, and important when you are discussing an issue or a complaint with your supplier.

Our users have given us feedback about the Notes feature, telling us that it’s come in very useful for complaints, moving house, and for other issues. So stop making notes on the back of envelopes, or on the back of bills and start making recorded notes in Bills Dashboard. You’ll be glad you did when the time comes to remember that reference number, comment, complaint or feature you needed to remember.

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