Single dashboard for all your bills

Single view of household bills

What could be more useful than having a single view of all of your household bills? Bills Dashboard allows you to add, one by one, each of your agreements, payments, policies and contracts that you have. Then you have single one page view of your household admin and finances, like your filing cabinet, but all neatly organised online.

Our users told us that this is the most useful thing about Bills Dashboard. According to feedback, users do not have to access multiple different websites, piles of bills, or trawl through emails to find an account number or a contact telephone number. All your household bills are in a single view. This saves you time, hassle and money.

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No hassle set up

You might think it would be difficult to find all your information and enter your details into your account. We've thought of that. When you select a provider, their website link to access your account appears. This means you can login to your provider account quickly, in a new tab, and find the information you need. Even for MOT details, you simply enter your registration details and your MOT date is provided. You then put this data into your Bills Dashboard account. Easy!

Have you ever experienced any of the following situations?

1/ You were automatically shifted to a more experience variable rate, or standard contract after one of your fixed rate deals or contracts expires. The first you noticed was when you checked your bank account and were shocked at the money coming out.

2/ Remembering when your MOT is due is impossible. You can't remember when the end date for your broadband is - and you could get cheaper and faster broadband if you changed provider. You did a 0% balance transfer of credit card debt, but you can't remember when the 0% rate runs out.

3/ You're tired of being asked for account numbers when you're on the phone to customer services, and then have to trawl through emails and paperwork just to get the account number.

4/ It is surprising when you get a bill that you weren't expecting because you weren't on top of your paperwork.

5/ Like many, you find yourself doing frantic last minute renewals of car insurance because you left it to the last minute. Research has proven that the cheapest quotes are obtained from the marketplace 3 weeks before your renewal date.

These are just some of the reasons why you should get a free Bills Dashboard dashboard. And yes, all your data is encrypted when its being uploaded (because we have a site-wide SSL lock) and it is encrypted when it's in our database on our server.

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