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bills dashboard file uploadsManaging  household bills involves paperwork. Agreements, no claims bonus document, policy documents, statements, warranties, reference numbers and much more. Typically, these documents go into a filing cabinet, or sit in a pile in the home office. Sometimes, they are left on an email.

Then, when the time comes to arrange renewal, you can’t find them.

Managing household paperwork

You can upload any type of file to each of your categories. For example, you could upload your no claims bonus confirmation letter and your policy document to your car insurance account.

You could take a photo of your council tax bill and upload that to your council tax account. You could upload your annual energy statement to your energy account. Take a photo of a letter you’ve received and upload that to your account, so you don’t have to type anything out.

It’s a simple as that.

PPI was a major issue for banks. But it was a much more serious issue for consumers, as they may have been mis-sold insurance when they neither asked for it nor needed it. But almost everyone had trouble locating paperwork from many years ago. Credit reports only go back six years. Locating paperwork was a nightmare for many.

Storing them in the cloud for reference is an answer to the problem. Not only that, it comes in very useful when you’re moving house, or dealing with other life changing events.

Is it secure? Yes.

Yes. Bills Dashboard has 256-bit site-wide encryption – meaning that data and files are encrypted whilst they are being uploaded. Furthermore, whilst your files and data are on our Azure server, they are encrypted automatically. The Azure server is a Microsoft service, which is robust and secure.

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